Call for Presenters

BlackademicsTV is seeking presenters for the recording of season three. Instructions and guidelines for proposing a presentation are now available.

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Night 1:

-February 4th, 7:00p

  • Blackness in Japanese Hip Hop - Presented by Dawn-Elissa Fisher, San Francisco State University
  • Black Studies in the Vibrant Intellectual Life of an Artist & Scholar - Presented by Lisa Thompson, UT Austin
  • Youth On-Line - Presented by Autumn Caviness, UT Austin
  • Youth and the Digital Footprint - Presented by Kevin Michael Foster, UT Austin
  • Not a Natural, but Very Well Trained! Black Excellence in the Arts - Presented by Denise Hart, Howard University


Night 2:

-February 5th, 7:00p

  • On the Future of Genocide - Presented by Joao Vargas, Bruce Saunders, Brannen Temple, and Chris Medearis, of UT Austin
  • Race: Taking Apart an Outdated Concept - Presented by Yasmyn Irizzarry, Mississippi State University
  • What if Greensboro 4 Had Twitter? Black & Digital in the Social Media Era - Presented by Mark Anthony Neal, Duke University
  • Racial Triangulation: Rethinking the Positions of Race - Presented by Eric Tang, UT Austin
  • Spreading Academic Knowledge in the Age of Social Media - Presented by Kevin Michael Foster, UT Austin